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La Colombophilie Belge

In de kijker!
16e Super Grand Prix L.C.B. 2008

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the Internationally known pigeon magazine

Every report or advertisement is read in over 33 countries.
Belgium - The Netherlands - France - Germany -
England - Chili - U.S.A - Thailand - China - Japan - Canada - Russia - Argentina - Saudi - Arabia - Kuwait - Italy - Portugal - Switzerland - Mexico
- Gran Canaria - Denmark - South - Africa - Egypt ...

La Colombophilie Belge is published in Halle-Booienhoven using an up-to-date and professional system. Important is the actual reporting of International, National and regional competitions. Using graphics, the newspaper is made as attractive as possible.

La Colombophilie Belge
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La Colombophilie Belge is the fastest growing pigeon newspaper available. The International range of this French newspaper is worldwide.

A large group of staff members is at your service on a daily basis to process all actual information.

If you are interested in subscribing, please send an e-mail to :

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